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This artice went in the Lancashire Evening Post on the 24th March 2006

The first ever fundraising event took place today Sunday 02nd of April 2006. I was impressed with the turnout of people despite the weather being a bit on the extreme side. Ben managed approx 1 mile on foot and continued the rest of the route in his buggy. At the end of the walk everyone who attended was soaked through. I would like to thank everyone who attended for your support and encouragement. The photo's will be on this page tomorrow evening after work. Also I would like to thank Morrisons supermarket for providing bottled mineral water for the event & Aden Tudor Screen Print, for printing up the high visibility vests

The start, North Pier, Blackpool, Deepest darkest Lancashire Ben 1 mile into the walk, wanting to go into his major buggy.
Ben at the end of the event in his major buggy, wet and shivering cold. The end!!! everyone is soaked through to the skin and cold. Thanks to you all for the hard work and support.
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