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Jack is 6 years old and was diagnosed with MWS in 2003 by Dr. Jill Clayton-Smith, a Geneticist at St. Marys Hospital in Manchester. He has two older brothers, Sam 12 yrs and George 10 yrs who are not sufferers.  
He was first referred to a Specialist when he was 10 months old and still not sitting unaided. He was slow getting on his feet and did not manage to walk by himself until he was three-and-a-half.  

Jack attends a special school in Honiton near Exeter where we live. He is still in nappies, makes lots of noise, but only speaks two or three words. Jack has lots of behavioural problems such as door banging and hand sucking. Looking on the good side, Jack is a happy smiley boy who has just learnt to ride his special trike and a go-cart by himself.  

Jackís brothers would like to add their own few words:-

Jack is a loveable boy, yes we admit that he can be a handful sometimes with his obsession for door banging and hand sucking, but we care for him all the same. Sometimes other children are horrible to him because he is not like them, but Jack canít help it because thatís the way he is. We love him.

Written by 
Sandra & Paul, Jacks Parents

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