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Alex was born in 1995. He was not diagnosed with MW until he has 7.

Up until the age of 3 we were told there was nothing to worry about, even though Alex was sick on every thing he eat or drank due to a reflux condition that got better as he got stronger on his feet after finally taking his first steps.

Alex was born with a hypospadias and had several corrective operations. He has epileptic fits which are controlled with drugs and regular ear infections for which he has many operations for grommets.

Alex has 2 words of speech and is still in nappies. He has a healthy older sister who always makes time for him. He is generally a happy and loving little boy but does have behavioral problems when he doesn’t get his own way. He is obsessed with door banging, light switch flicking and Argos books. He does have a limited understanding of the world around him and needs constant care.

Carol & Mick (Alex’s parents)

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